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Plastic Fasteners

Access Panel Fasteners

Tree-Lok Fastener
: Ribbed shank on this ITW Fastex(R) fastener holds securely in access panel. Unique ball head fits snugly into mating receptacle or into plain bored hole to keep panel closed. Panel opens or closes with minimal pull or push pressure.

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Strike & Latch
: Rugged ITW Fastex latching device for metal cabinet doors and access panels. Snaps in easily through panel front and holds securely.

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Push Lock: This ITW Fastex snap-in latching device is ideal for lightweight doors and covers for compartment and control panels. Particularly well suited to low-profile applications.

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Rotary Motion Control Devices - Dampers: When installed, these small units hold storage bin doors, CD-Rom doors and trays, computer covers, cassette doors, etc., closed. Device reacts to a slight push of the finger by slowly opening the unit. Another push causes the unit to close.

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Panel Fasteners - Ribbed Shank.

Christmas Tree
® Clips - Single Head: Unique ribbed shank ensures fast, easy installation and secure holding in a wide range of materials and material thicknesses. Several head and point styles available.

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Christmas Tree
® Clips - Double Head: A simple twist retains the clip in the primary panel. Second panel is then pushed onto ribbed shank to complete assembly.

View PDF Catalog Page: Christmas Tree® Clips - Double Head / 1/4 Turn/Double End

Christmas Tree
® Clips - Quarter Turn: A quarter turn retains clip in primary panel. Second panel is then pushed down onto ribbed shank.

View PDF Catalog Page: Christmas Tree® Clips - 1/4 Turn

Christmas Tree
® Clips - Double End: One ribbed end is pushed into primary panel to retain clip. Second panel is pushed down onto projecting ribbed end to complete assembly.

View PDF Catalog Page: Christmas Tree® Clips - Double End

Pine Tree Clips® - Removable, Non-Reusable & Reusable: This ITW Fastex clip features a self-centering ribbed shaft that permits insertion and removal without damaging or distorting retaining ribs. Permits field removal and reuse.

View PDF Catalog Page: Pine-Tree Clip-Removable

Ribbed Clips - Nylon, Double Ended
: One ribbed end retains clip in primary panel. Second panel is pressed onto projecting end to complete assembly. Also Non-Removable for permanent assembly.

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Panel Fasteners - Compressible Shank .

Canoe® Clips
: Low cost replacement for screws and rivets in lightwieght applications. Clips snap easily into round holes to hold securely in metals plastic and other materials. Various head styles available.

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Stalok® Fasteners
: This snap-in ITW Fastex clip securely joins two panels. It is non-removable from the front but can be removed from the back.

View PDF Catalog Page: Stalok® Panel Fasteners

Nylon Push-in Clips
: Slotted shank compresses as clip is pushed into hole and snaps back after it passes through to secure the assembly.

View PDF Catalog Page: Nylon Push-in Clips

Nylon Arrow Clips - Hollow Shank
: Solid point facilitates assembly and enhances holding power.

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Panel Fasteners - Screw Grommets

: These ITW Fastex(R) front snap-in, self-retaining blind screw receptacles have high load bearing capacity and added thread engagement to assure a strong, secure assembly.

View PDF Catalog Page: Plasti-Grommets

Encloz® Grommets
Front mounted grommets from ITW Fastex fully encapsulate and insulate metal screws. Provide added thread engagement and increased bearing area.

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Encloz® Reverse Grommets
: ITW Fastex developed this style of snap-in screw grommet for applications where components are fastened from the opposite side of the panel. Grommet head attractively encloses screw point..

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Round Hole Grommets:
Ideal for use in punched or drilled holes. Integral pin expands the prongs of the grommet as it is driven in. As the screw is installed it pushes the pin ahead of it, securely locking the expanded grommet in the hole.

View PDF Catalog Page: Round Hole Grommets

Panel Fasteners - Plastic Rivets


Plasti-Rivets® - Three & Four Prong, Non-Driven
: Tapered prongs on these ITW Fastex rivets snap positively into fastening hole and expand as pin is driven to hold securely.

View PDF Catalog Page: Plasti-Rivets®

Plasti-Rivets® - Two Prong, Pre-Driven
: Split prong is pressed into fastening hole and expands as pin is driven to assure a secure assembly.

View PDF Catalog Page: Plasti-Rivets®

Tuflok®: Ideal for any application requiring a front-mounted, removable, reusable, push-in plastic rivet that resists vibration.

View PDF Catalog Page: Tuflok®

Micro-Tuflok®: Quickly installed, removable and reusable. Ideally suited for fastening electrical components to surface mounted printed circuit boards.

View PDF Catalog Page: Micro-Tuflok®

ScrewType Tuflok®: Screw rather than integral pin expands this removable and reusable rivet to provide a secure fastening.

View PDF Catalog Page: ScrewType Tuflok®

: Securely fastens a wide variety of materials in a broad range of applications. Inserts from either side of assembly using standard rivet-setting tools. As pin is pulled through rivet body, panels are drawn securely together and pin breaks off flush with head.

View PDF Catalog Page: R-Lok®

: This two-piece rivet provides a controlled grip range through a built-in stop. Has finished appearance on both sides of panel.

View PDF Catalog Page: R-Tite Rivets

Removeable Rivets
: Designed for applications where there is no access to the back of the panel. Installs and removes from the front.

View PDF Catalog Page: Removeable Rivets

Push/Pull Rivets - H-Type
: Push in to expand rivet prongs and achieve secure assembly. Pull to remove. Head O.D. slightly tapered to facilitate removal.

View PDF Catalog Page: Push/Pull Rivets - H-Type

Push/Pull Knob Rivets - T-Type
: Knob shaped head speeds both installation and removal. Ideal for securing access panels which must be occasionaly removed for maintenance and inspection.

View PDF Catalog Page: Push/Pull Knob Rivets - T-Type

Push/Pull Rivets - P-Type
: When pushed in to expand and secure the rivet, the head covers the secondary bearing head to provide a flush fit. Slip blade beneath outer head to remove.

View PDF Catalog Page: Push/Pull Rivets - P-Type

Ratchet Rivets: Two identical mating parts securely connect panels of varying thicknesses. Ideal for both rigid and compressible materials.

View PDF Catalog Page: Ratchet Rivets

Snap Rivets: Male and female components mate to secure flat panels. Hold rigid and compressible panels.

View PDF Catalog Page: Snap Rivets

Nylon - Solid Rivets: Assure permanent, secure panel assemblies.

View PDF Catalog Page: Nylon - Solid Rivets

Dowel Pins
: Quickly installed straight, resilient pins provide friction fit for light assemblies.

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Threaded Nylon Fasteners

Machine Screws: Wide selection of standard and special nylon machine screws and bolts in all conventional head styles and drives. Diameters range from #2 to 1/2". Both inch and metric sizes shown.

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Machine Screws
Available Diameters & Lengths - Nylon Machine Screws
Nylon Hex Washer Heads
Flat Head Nylon Machine Screws
Oval Head Nylon Machine Screws
Nylon Carriage Bolts
Nylon Thumb Screws
Nylon Machine Set Screws
Nylon Socket Head Cap Screws
Nylon Button Head Socket Screws
Cheese Head, Flat & Pan Nylon Metric Screws
Phillips Fillister / Slotted Set Grub / Nylon Metric

: WCL offers nylon hex nuts, cap nuts, wing nuts, lock nuts, thumb nuts, hex jamb nuts and expansion nuts in a wide range of sizes.

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Hex, Cap, Wing, Locknuts
Nylon Thumb Jam Nuts

Nylon Expansion Nuts
Nylon Metric Hex Nuts

King Nuts
®: These unique, plastic spring nuts require a turn of about 180 degrees to tighten securely. Installation time is reduced 50%. The Kingnut distributes the fastening load over a wider area, is vibration resistant and self-locking.

View PDF Catalog Page: King Nuts

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