These special purpose stamped components show the unique breadth of the WCL product offering and reflect the company’s many years as a true fastening specialist.

For the right shaft retainer at the right price, it’s WCL!

Check out our Shaft Retainer Options & Functions or Choose a type of Shaft Retainer below for more information:

Standard Internal Retainers & Style A Retainers

Standard Internal Retainers
& Style A Retainers
These internal tooth retainers slip easily over unthreaded shafts, rods and studs.

Internal Tooth Strip Form Retainers

Internal Tooth
Strip Form Retainers
Simplifies fast, repetitive installations.

Shaft Retainer Application Tools

Shaft Retainer
Application Tools
Specifications for creating a simple push-on installation tool.

Bearing Retainers

Bearing Retainers The internal projections, or teeth, on these retainers assure that bearing is securely nested but free to rotate.

Push-On Bolt Retainers

Bolt Retainers
Position and securely retain a bolt or screw until a nut is applied at a later stage to complete the assembly. When tightened down, the teeth on the retainer set up a strut action that resists any loosening or back-off rotation.

Internal Tooth-Wide Rim Retainers

Internal Tooth-Wide
Rim Retainers
Securely grip unthreaded shafts or rods while distributing load over wide area to protect soft or fragile bearing surfaces. Also effectively span oversized or elongated holes.

External Tooth Retainers

External Tooth Retainers External tooth retainers function as spacers or retaining collars when inserted into recesses or tubular parts. The external teeth flex, engaging the full circumference of the recess wall to resist any pull-out forces. Ideal for retaining knob inlays or other inserts.

Solid I.D. Retainers

Solid I.D. Retainers These slightly dished,smooth I.D. retainers provide full 360° contact with shafts,studs or other round projections. They do not work off or collapse under shock or vibration. their low profile and small O.D. make them ideal for restricted areas.