The Double Coil helical spring split lock washer is used in soft joints, such as wooden pole line assemblies, that are subject to considerable expansion and contraction. The Double Coil provides the travel necessary to maintain effective clamping force in such assemblies. Double Coil helical lock washers are manufactured with an oversized I.D. used with galvanized bolts.

PLN = Plain
HDG = Hot Dip Galvanized
MG = Mechanical Galvanized
Nominal Washer Size Width Min. C Thickness Min. D WCL Part Number
3/8 0.141 0.094 3/8 REG DBL COIL
1/2 0.171 0.125 1/2 REG DBL COIL
5/8 0.203 0.156 5/8 REG DBL COIL
3/4 0.234 0.188 3/4 REG DBL COIL
7/8 0.297 0.250 7/8 REG DBL COIL