Conical Washers

Conical Washers The conical washer design provides the highest load bearing capacity and lowest deflection range in the spring washer family.

Conical Washers - Tooth Periphery

Conical Washers – Tooth Periphery Peripheral teeth on the underside of this washer rim prevent component shifting and help to maintain maximum tension in the assembly.

Ramp Conical Washers

Ramp Conical Washers Features an off-center parabolic ramp that creates a secondary spring system to increase both spring tension and load bearing capability. Provides greater resistance to both loosening and fatigue.

Ramp Conical Washers - Tooth Periphery

Ramp Conical Washers – Tooth Periphery Teeth on the outer perimeter of the washer prevent component shifting under heavy loads and maintain maximum tension.

Square Cone® Washers (Square Dome)

Square Cone® Washers (Square Dome) This dual action washer combines two distinct configurations to generate two separate load deflection rates. Provides live spring action under full design loads and its longer deflection period assures greater installation control.

Belleville Disc Spring Washers

Belleville Disc Spring Washers Among the most widely used tension generating washers. Complete specifications on a wide variety of Belleville type washers is provided.