WCL is recognized as the nation’s flat washer specialist with the most comprehensive offering of metallic and non-metallic flat washers & special stampings available from a single source. This is backed up with in-depth knowledge of all applicable military specifications and related testing and certification requirements.

For the right flat washer at the right price, it’s WCL!

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WCL Washer Facts

WCL Washer Facts A valuable guide for cost-effective flat washer specifications.

Flat Washer Reference Specifications

Flat Washer
Reference Specifications
Nominal dimensions, materials and platings.

Metallic Flat Washers (AN, MS, & NAS Standards)

Metallic Flat
Washers (AN, MS,
& NAS Standards)
Complete specifications for over 600 flat washers (listed by I.D.). Includes inch and metric parts. DIN Specifications also referenced. Availability of parts in steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum alloy is noted. Dash numbers identify MIL-SPEC parts.

High Strength - Heat Treated Washers

High Strength –
Heat Treated Washers
MS 20002 washers are made from 4130 Chrome Molybdenum and other steel alloys. Also includes case hardened 1020 steel washers (MS17811); heat treated and plated steel washers (MS 21206); washers made from Corrosion Resistant Steel (MS 9320); and Corrosion Resistant Steel washers with 75,000 psi, UTS min (NAS 1587) as well as 10910174 Ordnance washers.

Metallic Torque Washers

Metallic Torque Washers Prongs on these square hole washers embed in wood, plywood and other ductile materials, making washers self-retaining during assembly. Square hole prevent rotation of square shouldered carriage bolt.

Metallic Special Washers

Metallic Special Washers Hundreds of washer variations are available as both outer and inner washer rims can be individually formed and shaped to meet specific needs.

Neoprene Polymer Flat Washers

Neoprene Polymer
Flat Washers
Prevent leaks, distribute pressure. Neoprene polymer is highly resistant to sun, ozone, weathering, oils, fuels, other chemicals and aging. Silicone rubber provides high strength, resilience, toughness, stability at high temperatures and resistance to chemicals.

Insulating Fibre Flat Washers

Insulating Fibre Flat Washers Electrical insulating flat washers made from vulcanized fibre, fibre board, fish paper, high density bone, rag paper, etc. Made to ASTM D710, NAS 549. MIL-F-1148 Grade CH form S, NAS 70 and DIN Standards.

Thermoplastic Nylon Flat Washers & Spacers

Thermoplastic Nylon
Flat Washers & Spacers
Resist abrasion, impacts, organic solvents, oil, gas and temperature extremes. Excellent creep resistance. Delrin(R), Nomex, Mylar(R), Polypropylene also listed.

Non-Metallic Shoulder Washers

Non-Metallic Shoulder Washers MIL-M-38527/09 series washers made from PTFE/polytetrafluoroethene or Polyphenylene Sulfide and frequently used as mounting pads for electrical/electronic components. MIL-W-45595 series washers and bushings made from Polymide (Natural Nylon) per ASTM-B16, resist compression and provide spacing. 94 V2 rated shoulder washers can be supplied in customer-specified materials in hundreds of length/diameter combinations.

Thermoplastic PTFE/polytetrafluoroethene Flat Washers

Thermoplastic PTFE/polytetrafluoroethene
Flat Washers
Made from inert Virgin PTFE/polytetrafluoroethene. Impermeable to most corrosive liquids, vapors and gasses even in high temperature or high pressure environments. Excellent electrical and dielectric properties.

Phenolic Flat Washers

Phenolic Flat Washers Stamped from various industrial grade laminates including paper, canvas, linen, glass, glass epoxy, cotton phenolics, etc.

Nylon Standard Spacers

Nylon Standard Spacers Molded or cut from bar stock depending on thickness required. Resist creep and maintain required separation. Impact resistant and relatively impervious to temperature extremes, organic solvents, oils and gasoline.