tf29-1Basic machine screws (without washers), made to the same high quality standards as Sems, are available in diameters ranging from No. 2 through 3/8″ and in lengths from 3/16″ through 7″.All conventional head styles,drives and points are available.

WCL also offers special machine screws with the TORX® recess from stock.
Machine screws with other special features can be furnished to your print.

In Stock At WCL

0080-0125 SPH MS SS 0632-0250 TFH T-10 MS 0832-0500 TFH T-15 MS
0256-0250 TPH T-8 MS 0632-0312 PPH MS 0832-1125 TPH T-20 MS
0256-0375 SHCS MS 0632-0312 TFH T-10 MS 1012-0500 SHWH TYPE A
0256-1000 PPH MS 0632-0375 IHH TRI-RD 1012-1000 PRWH TYP A
0440-0250 TORX FH T-8 0632-0375 TFH T-10 MS 1024-0500 PPH MS
0440-0250 TPH T-10 MS 0632-0375 TPH T-15 MS 1032-0188 PZPH MS
0440-0250 TPH T-9 MS 0632-0750 PPH MS 1032-0250 TPH T-25 MS
0440-0312 TPH T-10 MS 0632-0875 STPH T-15 MS SS 1032-0340 SFH/FL T-20
0440-0500 T-7 FH 100 DEG MS 0632-1250 SFH MS 1032-0625 TFH T-20 MS
0440-0500 TPH T-10 MS 0632-1625 PPH MS 1032-0750 PRWH MS
0440-0625 PPH MS 0632-2000 TPH T-15 MS 1032-0875 PFH MS
0440-0875 TPH T-10 MS 0815-1000 PPH TYP A 1032-1375 PFH MS
0440-1000 TFH T-10 MS 0815-1250 PPH TYP A 1032-2000 PFH MS
0618 0375 PH SQ DR TYPE A 0818-0625 TFH T-10 TYP B 1211-0500 PPH TYP A
0618-0625 PH SQ DR TYPE A 0832-0250 SRH BR M3.0-0.5 X 10MM TPH T-10 MS
0618-0750 PFH TYPE A 0832-0250 SRWH MS BR M3.0-0.5 X 6MM TPH T-10 MS
0632-0187 TPH T-15 MS 0832-0375 T-15 FH 100 DEG MS M4.0-0.7 X 20MM PHWH MS
0632-0250 IHH MS 0832-0375 TFH T-10 MS SS M4.0-0.7 X 20MM TPH T-10 TY
0632-0250 TPH MS 0832-0375 TPH T-20 MS M4.0-0.7 X 22MM IHH MS
M8.0-1.25 X 25MM HHCS MS

Example: 0832 – 0500 TFT T – 15 MS = 8 – 32 x 1/2 Torx T15 Flat Head Machine Screw.

A sampling of miscellaneous screws in stock at WCL. All other sizes of standards available both import and domestic. Please call WCL for
standard machine screw catalog. Most steel sizes come with standard Zinc Finish. Other finishes are available. Metric sizes are available.

Notes: PPH = Phillips Pan Head
PZPH = Pozi Pam Head
SPH = Slotted Pan Head
STPH = Slotted Torx® Pan Head
TPH = Torx® Pan Head
PHSQDR = Square Drive Pan Head
PFH = Phillips Flat Head
TFH = Torx® Flat Head
SFH = Slotted Flat Head
SRH = Slotted Round Head
SRWH = Slotted Round Washer Head
PRWH = Phillips Round Washer Head
SHCH = Slotted Hex Cap Screw
HHCS = Hex Head Cap Screw
IHH = Indented Hex Head
SHWH = Slotted Hex Washer Head
PHWH = Phillips Hex Washer Head
SFH/FL = Socket Flat Head/Flange
TRI-RD = Tri Roundular
MS = Machine Screw
SS = Stainless Steel