In today’s sophisticated world of electromechanical components and controls, consistently reliable electrical contacts are essential to product performance and safety. Shakeproof’s design,manufacturing and assembly capabilities provide virtually any type of stamped termination preassembled to any type of screw — including the chip-free Tap/R thread rolling screw. These parts are UL recognized in many applications.With the industry’s highest quality control standards,Shakeproof provides dimensionally controlled Terminal Sems for trouble-free automated assembly.

Multiple washer assemblies are available to meet special termination needs. These washers can be flat, dished or bent, smooth or ribbed. Dished or arched washers increase torque absorption and clamp load capability.

Space requirements-such as washer drop and rocking-can be tightly controlled to meet customer’s specific termination requirements. 

Terminal Sems are available in most head styles and recesses, including cheese heads, Phillips/slotted combinations, milled slots, etc.