tf-20Sems Screw And Washer Assemblies

Washers are essential to maintaining the integrity of many assemblies. Buying them preassembled to screw assures that they will not be dropped or forgotten in the assembly process. It also greatly simplifies automated production programs.

For most of its history,WCL has been a major supplier of all types of quality sems screw and washer assemblies. WCL maintains extensive stocks of Phillips pan head and hex head screws assembled with popular anti-loosening tooth lock washers. The company also stocks a complete line of high performance Square Cone® (Square Dome) washer sems assemblies. Many sizes of Phillips pan head tooth washer sems and Square Cone (Square Dome) washer sems are stocked in stainless steel as well as carbon plated steel. WCL offers a wide variety of screws and strip resistant screws assembled to an equally wide variety of washers, including many styles of tooth washers, flat washers, conical washers, helical “split”washers and terminal washers.

External And Internal Lockwasher Sems Screw And Tooth Washer Assemblies

In stock zinc plated at WCL.

0256-0250 PPH INT0632-0375 PPH INT0832-0437 PPH EXT
0256-0375 PPH INT0632-0375 PPH EXT0832-0500 PPH INT
0440-0187 PPH INT0632-0437 PPH INT0832-0500 PPH EXT
0440-0187 PPH EXT0632-0437 PPH EXT0832-0562 PPH INT
0440-0250 PPH INT0632-0500 PPH INT0832-0625 PPH INT
0440-0250 PPH EXT0632-0500 PPH EXT0832-0750 PPH INT
0440-0312 PPH INT0632-0562 PPH INT0832-0875 PPH INT
0440-0312 PPH EXT0632-0625 PPH INT0832-1000 PPH INT
0440-0375 PPH INT0632-0625 PPH EXT0832-1250 PPH INT
0440-0375 PPH EXT0632-0750 PPH INT1024-0375 PPH INT
0440-0437 PPH INT0632-0875 PPH INT1024-0375 PPH EXT
0440-0500 PPH INT0632-1000 PPH INT1024-0500 PPH INT
0440-0500 PPH EXT0632-1000 PPH EXT1024-0500 PPH EXT
0440-0625 PPH INT0632-1250 PPH INT1032-0250 PPH INT
0440-1250 PPH EXT0632-1250 PPH EXT1032-0312 PPH INT
0440-1750 PPH INT0832-0250 PPH INT1032-0375-PPH INT
0632-0187 PPH INT0832-0250 PPH EXT1032-0375 PPH EXT
0632-0187 PPH EXT0832-0312 PPH INT1032-0437 PPH INT
0632-0250 PPH INT0832-0312 PPH EXT1032-0500 PPH INT
0632-0250 PPH EXT0832-0375 PPH INT1032-0500 PPH EXT
0632-0312 PPH INT0832-0375 PPH EXT1032-0625 PPH EXT
0632-0312 PPH EXT0832-0437 PPH INT1224-0750 PPH INT

Steel Hex Head Lockwasher Sems

In stock zinc plated at WCL.

0440-0187 IHH EXT1024-0625 IHH EXT2520-0625 IHWH EXT
0632-0312 IHH EXT1032-0375 SIHWH EXT2520-0750 IHH EXT
0632-0375 IHWH EXT1032-0750 IHH EXT2520-1000 SIHH EXT
0832-1500 IHH EXT1032-0875 IHH EXT2520-1000 SIHH INT
1024-0500 IHH EXT1224-0750 SIHH EXT2520-2000 IHH EXT

Stainless Steel Phillips Pan Head Lockwasher Sems

In stock at WCL.

0440-0250 PPH INT0632-0187 PPH INT0632-0500 PPH EXT
0440-0312 PPH EXT0632-0250 PPH EXT0832-0375 PPH EXT
0440-0375 PPH EXT0632-0312 PPH EXT0832-0500 PPH EXT
0440-0375 PPH INT0632-0375 PPH EXT

Example: 0632-0187 PPH INT SS = 6-32×3/16 Phillips Pan Head Internal Lockwasher Stainless Steel
Note: EXT = External tooth lockwasher
INT = Internal tooth lockwasher
Other finishes such as Black Zinc, Zinc and Yellow, etc. may be in stock.