sw110-1Shaft retainers,or stud receivers as they are sometimes called,slip eas­ily over smooth, unthreaded shafts and rods, or into recesses, to hold components securely in place. They significantly reduce in-place costs by completely eliminating secondary shaft preparations. No threading, grooving or notching is required.

WCL stocks two basic styles of retainers:

The internal tooth Springrip® shaft retainer slips easily onto a shaft. The internal teeth flex as the retainer is positioned, setting up a strong strut action that strongly resists back-off forces. Application and removal forces for standard internal type Springrip retainers are included in the specifications. These values provide a general indication of the holding power generated by nonstandard sizes. While application force is moderate, removal force can range from 10 to 20 times the orig­inal application force, depending on part size.

WCL also offers a solid I.D. (toothless) shaft retainer for maximum resistance to pull or push off forces and an External Tooth Retainer for smooth-walled recesses or cylinders.

The parts shown in this catalog are generally available in C1050 Spring Steel with a Phosphate and Oil finish. Other materials and finishes are available on request.

The Push-On Nut is a variation of the shaft retainer principle. For complete specifications on Rectangular and Round push-On Nuts, see WCL’s comprehensive Threaded Products catalog.



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