External Tooth and Internal Washer Sems Assemblies

External Tooth & Internal
Washer Sems Assemblies
These standard sems assemblies, with Phillips pan heads or indented hex heads, are available from stock. Phillips pan head tooth washer assemblies are also stocked in stainless steel.

Square Cone® Washer (Square Dome) Sems Assemblies - Specifications

Square Cone® (Square Dome)
Sems Assemblies – Specifications
The Square Cone washer (Square Dome) absorbs high installation torques, generates and sustains tension, distributes the load and spans oversize holes. Replaces three parts: screw, flat washer and helical washer, in many applications.

Square Cone® Washer (Square Dome) Sems Assemblies - Stocked Standards

Square Cone (Square Dome) Sems
Assemblies – Stocked Standards
Available from stock in steel and stainless steel; Phillips pan heads, Torx® pan heads and hex washer heads.

Terminal Sems Assemblies

Terminal Sems Assemblies WCL offers a wide variety of wire terminations preassembled to many types of screws, including chip-free thread forming screws. These terminal sems are dimensionally controlled for trouble-free automated assembly.

Spak Washer Sems Assemblies

Spak Washer Sems Assemblies The unique washer on this assembly combines the tension generating characteristics of a spring washer with the locking tension of the helical washer to increase shock absorption and vibration resistance.

Other Sems

Other Sems WCL offers a wide variety of other screw and washer assemblies from both domestic and overseas sources. These include Faring Washers (Aircraft), Square Dome sems, Crest washer sems, helical (split) washer sems, conical washer sems and multiple washer assemblies.

The many sizes and types of preassembled fasteners offered and stocked by WCL typify the overall diversity of the company’s product line. Preassembled fasteners are ideal for automated assembly and ensure that the specified washer component is always used with the screw. No dropped parts. No out-of-balance inventories.