WCL’s multi-die, cold heading sources extend the traditional limit of cold heading, making possible the production of uniquely formed one-piece cold headed parts.
Expensive screw machine parts and multi-piece assemblies can now be economically cold formed as a single piece. The cold forming of parts also improves strength and reliability.


Among the many features that can now be cold formed in a heading operation are:


  • Oversize heads
  • Special head configurations – knurled, pancake, etc.
  • Washer heads with oversize washers for spanning and load bearing
  • Large diameter shoulders to replace separate sleeves and collars
  • Multiple diameter or “stepped” shoulders
  • Special pilot or lead points
  • Double-end collar studs
  • Gemini® studs

Design guidance is available to integrate multi-part fasteners into single, cost-effective, one-piece cold headed parts.