The removable rivet is a one-piece unit that is quickly installed by hand or with automatic equipment. It is ideally suited for applications where access to the back of the panel is impossible. The rivet is removable and re-usable by using the tip of a thin, blunt-pointed instrument to depress the center of the rivet and release the locking mechanism. Removable rivets are manufactured in a black polyacetal material.


1R56 A 9 061 02.256-.276.138-.2170.7090.0590.4530.2170.929
2N10 0 9 585 020.314.098-.1570.7870.0980.3350.2760.838
2V61 0 9 058 020.335.169-.2440.7090.0940.4020.2680.844
2H12 0 9 585 02.265 x .354.102-.138.315 x .4720.0590.2950.1970.59

NOTE: Dimensions listed are nominal.