WCL Capabilities and Principle Sources

WCL is one of the few true “Fastening Specialists”. We have one of the broadest and most diversified inventories of fastening components available from any single source. We know what  fasteners are designed to do and what its limitations are. Our engineering sales department will recommend the fastener to meet your specific needs. We are not limited to any one particular product line. We globally source products to provide you with the best prices and quality available in the industry. Our commitment to “Excellent Customer Service” is demonstrated every time you call. We support our customers with products manufactured by ourselves along with some of the world’s leading suppliers to industry:

  • National Aerospace Fasteners Corporation ®
  • Rolex National Disc Springs ®
  • Micro Plastics ®
  • ITW Fastex ®
  • ITW Shakeproof Assembly Components ®
  • ITW Shakeproof Industrial Threaded Products ®
  • Volt Industrial Plastics ®
  • Alliance Plastics Finishing Products ®

WCL assures product quality three ways:

  1. We work only with manufacturers having outstanding quality programs and reputations
  2. We have made a major investment in our Quality Inspection program to monitor the conformance of incoming parts to customer specifications and needs. We qualify parts from our manufacturers and processors to assure that all specifications are met.
  3. We have a computerized control system to insure required lot traceability and certification on any part we sell. WCL – Competitively Priced Quality Fastening Components When You Want Them!

Product Review

  • Standard ASME Tooth Lock Washers
  • Helical Spring Lock Washers
  • Special Tooth Lock Washers
  • Spring Washers
  • Belleville Disc Springs
  • Retainers Internal or External
  • Metallic Flat Washers
  • Special Stampings
  • Non-Metallic Flat Washers
  • Panel Fasteners and Clips
  • Sems®: Preassembled Screw & Washer
  • Brass Inserts For Plastics
  • Standoffs
  • Furniture Components
  • Thread Forming and Self Drilling Screws