• Knob-shape head for speedy assembly and disassembly
  • Securely lock components
  • Fit for applications requiring temporary lock as a knob of open/close panel for maintenance
  • Possible frequency of assembly/disassembly is about 25 times but changes with aging or temperature conditions
  • Material: 6 nylon UL94V-2
  • Color: Milky White (W) Black (B)
  • Pack Unit: 1000 pcs.

koyo pg1b

T3035W • B0.1220.039-0.0790.1180.1380.2520.06378N and over
T3045W • B0.1220.079-0.1180.1180.1770.2520.06378N and over
T3055W • B0.1220.118-0.1570.1180.2170.2520.06378N and over
T3065W • B0.1220.157-0.1970.1180.2560.2520.06378N and over
T3080W • B0.1220.217-0.2560.1180.3150.2520.06378N and over
T3545W • B0.1420.087-0.1220.1380.1770.2520.063118N and over
T3555W • B0.1420.126-0.1610.1380.2170.2520.063118N and over
T3570W • B0.1420.185-0.2200.1380.2760.2520.063118N and over
T4050W • B0.1610.098-0.1380.1570.1970.3150.071196N and over
T4060W • B0.1610.138-0.1770.1570.2360.3150.071196N and over
T4070W • B0.1610.177-0.2170.1570.2760.3150.071196N and over
T4080W • B0.1610.217-0.2560.1570.3150.3150.071196N and over
T4090W • B0.1610.256-0.2950.1570.3540.3150.071196N and over
T4100W • B0.1610.295-0.3350.1570.3940.3150.087196N and over