Plasti-Rivets® - Three & Four Prong, Non-Driven

Plasti-Rivets® – Three & Four
Prong, Non-Driven
Tapered prongs on these ITW Fastex rivets snap positively into fastening hole and expand as pin is driven to hold securely.

Plasti-Rivets® - Two Prong, Pre-Driven

Plasti-Rivets® –
Two Prong, Pre-Driven
Split prong is pressed into fastening hole and expands as pin is driven to assure a secure assembly.


Tuflok® Ideal for any application requiring a front-mounted, removable, reusable, push-in plastic rivet that resists vibration.


Micro-Tuflok® Quickly installed, removable and reusable. Ideally suited for fastening electrical components to surface mounted printed circuit boards.

ScrewType Tuflok®

ScrewType Tuflok® Screw rather than integral pin expands this removable and reusable rivet to provide a secure fastening.


R-Lok® Securely fastens a wide variety of materials in a broad range of applications. Inserts from either side of assembly using standard rivet-setting tools. As pin is pulled through rivet body, panels are drawn securely together and pin breaks off flush with head.


R-Tite This two-piece rivet provides a controlled grip range through a built-in stop. Has finished appearance on both sides of panel.

Removeable Rivets

Removeable Rivets Designed for applications where there is no access to the back of the panel. Installs and removes from the front.

Push/Pull Rivets - H-Type

Push/Pull Rivets –
Push in to expand rivet prongs and achieve secure assembly. Pull to remove. Head O.D. slightly tapered to facilitate removal.

Push/Pull Knob Rivets - T-Type

Push/Pull Knob
Rivets – T-Type
Knob shaped head speeds both installation and removal. Ideal for securing access panels which must be occasionaly removed for maintenance and inspection.

Push/Pull Rivets - P-Type

Rivets – P-Type
When pushed in to expand and secure the rivet, the head covers the secondary bearing head to provide a flush fit. Slip blade beneath outer head to remove.

Ratchet Rivets

Ratchet Rivets Two identical mating parts securely connect panels of varying thicknesses. Ideal for both rigid and compressible materials.

Snap Rivets

Snap Rivets Male and female components mate to secure flat panels. Hold rigid and compressible panels.

Nylon - Solid Rivets

Nylon – Solid Rivets Assure permanent, secure panel assemblies.

Dowel Pins

Dowel Pins Quickly installed straight, resilient pins provide friction fit for light assemblies.