Adhesive Backed Clips

Adhesive Backed Clips Just peel from protective strip and press into place. Aggressive rubber based adhesive holds securely to any clean, smooth, hard surface. Simply snap wires, cords or cable into these U.L. recognized clips.

Snap-in Clips

Snap-in Clips These reusable clips snap positively into mounting hole in panel to securely position wires and cables.

``Top Entry`` Snap-in Clips

“Top Entry” Snap-in Clips Snap positively into mounting holes. Ideal for narrow width, top-entry applications where space is limited. Regular “gate” provides tension fit for cables or wires. Optional latch gate securely locks wires and cables in clip.

``Side Entry`` Snap-in Clips

“Side Entry” Snap-in Clips Clips snap positively into mounting holes. Designed for low-profile, side entry applications where clearance is a problem.

``Clip-on`` Clips

“Clip-on” Clips Slip over panel edge and snap securely into prepared hole near panel edge. Minimal clearance required.

Screw Down Clips

Screw Down Clips Fastened to panel with screw or plastic push-in fastener. Clip snaps open for placement or removal of wires and cables; snaps shut to secure them.

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable Straps Plastic straps easily adjust to wire and cable bundles of varying diameters. Straps are available with snap-in prongs or hole to accommodate secondary fasteners.