Tension Generating, Anti-Loosening Twisted Tooth Lockwashers


WCL is a leading supplier of the world’s largest and most diverse line of tapered, twisted tooth locking washers. Tooth lockwashers are the best anti-vibration, anti-loosening mechani­cal fastening devices available. These resilient washers stand up to high torques and heavy loads. Various styles of economical, standard tooth washers fit all conventional screw types and accommodate a wide range of hole configurations, including countersunk and oversized holes.

The twisted teeth on the tooth lockwasher compress as torque is applied to the fastening. A strong spring reaction is set up as the specially heat treated teeth seek to return to their fully twisted position. These unique washers make a significant contribution to the integrity of an assembly:

  1. Maintain essential tension.
  2. React instantly to any loosening influence, setting up a strut action that strongly opposes the loosening rotation of the fastener.
  3. Flexed teeth absorb shock and vibration.
  4. Resilient teeth absorb high torques and prevent slipping.


Military Specifications
MS16213-, MS35333-, MS35334-, MS35335-, Some MS35336-, MS45904-, MS541413-, MS51414-

Carbon Steel – SAE 1050 – 1065
Stainless Steel – SAE (301 – 305), SAE – 316, SAE – 410
Bronze (Copper Alloy) – ASMB 591, Type 425

All types of finishes are in stock or available. Ask your WCL sales person for details.

All commercial and military tooth lockwashers supplied by WCL Company and listed in this section conform to ASME B18.21.1 and to all applicable specifications as reported by IFI.