Plasti-Grommets™ These front snap-in, self-retaining blind screw receptacles have high load bearing capacity and added thread engagement to assure a strong, secure assembly.

Encloz® Grommets

Encloz® Grommets Front mounted grommets from fully encapsulate and insulate metal screws. Provide added thread engagement and increased bearing area.

Encloz® Reverse Grommets

Encloz® Reverse Grommets This style of snap-in screw grommet was designed for applications where components are fastened from the opposite side of the panel. Grommet head attractively encloses screw point.

Round Hole Grommets

Round Hole Grommets Ideal for use in punched or drilled holes. Integral pin expands the prongs of the grommet as it is driven in. As the screw is installed it pushes the pin ahead of it, securely locking the expanded grommet in the hole.