Tap/R® Thread Forming Screws

Tap/R® Thread
Forming Screws
With its graduated thread forming area, less torque is required to install the chip-free Tap/R screw. It attains full 360 degree thread engagement for maximum holding power and strip resistance.

TAPTITE® I and TAPTITE® II Thread Forming Screws

Thread Forming Screws
 The unique trilobular shape of the Taptite screw roll forms a mating thread in an unthreaded pilot hole. The chip-free installation forms work-hardened mating threads to provide a strong joint or assembly. By elastic recovery, the metal fills in around the triangular lobes to provide maximum engagement.

Thread Cutting Screws

Thread Cutting
 These thread cutting screws have an off-center shank slot which provides a true cutting action, eliminating a separate tapping operation and generating a perfectly mated thread that contributes to a stronger fastening.