Single Wave Washers (Crescent)

Single Wave
Washers (Crescent)
Delivers the most consistent spring rate over the widest deflection range. Ideal for applications requiring flexibility, frequent load cycling and light loads.

Single Wave Flat Rim Washers

Single Wave
 Washers (Flat Rim)
Flat rim enhances load bearing capability and distributes load. Two flat contact points prevent surface scoring.

Three Wave Washers

Three Wave Washers Provides greater load bearing capacity than a single wave washer but has a smaller deflection range. Ideal when required spring or deflection range is small and axial space is limited.

Four Wave Washers

Four Wave Washers Further increases load bearing ability with a compensating reduction in deflection range.

Style 10 Spring Washers

Style 10 Spring Washers Modified conical washer enhances spring capability (deflection range) while load bearing capacity is moderately reduced.

Style 12 Spring Washers

Style 12 Spring Washers This conically formed washer has a scalloped periphery that further enhances spring resiliency at the expense of load bearing capacity.

Style 14 Spring Washers

Style 14 Spring Washers Another scalloped configuration that increases spring resiliency. These design variations are sometimes selected for appearance as well as spring function.

Finger Washers

Finger Washers Resilient fingers on the outer periphery evenly distribute the load away from the center hole. Often used as ball bearing retainers.